Setting up an account

The Aglive Platform is designed to make life easier. Once you set up a business account the admin for that account can then invite other employees to also join as users of the business account. Each user can record information and update the records of the business.

Your account can also be linked to the accounts of those you regularly work with e.g. stock agents, making it easier and quicker to transact your business.

Recording key operational information

Once the account is established you can then induct and record each of the items or animals involved in your business operations.

Once they are inducted, information can be stored against each inducted animal, plant or item. The records of weight, height, treatments, traits, joining or pregnancy can be selected based on the type of business you operate.

The accumulated data can then be used in reports or, if applicable, to more easily complete compliance requirements e.g. to swiftly complete an eNVD in the case of a beef producer.

Tracking items

The location of each inducted item can also be recorded and maintained so you know where all your animals, plants or items are located at any given time.

Each time you wish to record a movement within the nominated site, you only need to select the items, plants or animals and select the new destination location.

When it is required, creating a report that lists the current location for each item is possible with just a few clicks.

Creating groups or mobs

You are also able to create groups (called mobs if you are a beef producer) for the selected group or mob. For instance you could record a treatment given to a large number of animals, plants or items by just selecting the group and entering the treatment information.

The record for every animal, plant or item in that group will be automatically updated.

Tracking transfers

A consignment can be created when animals, plants or items are being moved along the supply chain. Each person can take custody of the consignment with a simple scan of the ID code (usually just a QR code) on the outside of the shipment.

This process of recording the ‘baton changes’ as consignments move along the supply chain allows you to know maintain better security and control as your products move towards your customers.

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